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Mission Statement

  • We promote nitro and gas model R/C boating in the Mid-Michigan area through good sportsmanship, competitive racing, and helpful instruction to novice model boaters.

Saginaw Bay R/C Boat Club History

  • The SBRCBC was founded in the latter part of 1972.
  • The first race included all classes of model boats (electric, sailing, nitro, and scale).
  • The first water the club had organized races was at Ojibway Island, Saginaw, MI.
  • Club membership varied from year-to-year from 15 to 60 members to today’s 26 members. There are club members from the Tri-Cities to Lansing, Michigan.
  • The SBRCBC web site was first created in July 2004.

Saginaw Bay Classic

  • Every August, the Saginaw Bay R/C Boat Club hosts an IMPBA-sanctioned race, called the Saginaw Bay Classic.
  • The Saginaw Bay R/C Boat Club is in the IMPBA District 2 region.
  • For more on the Saginaw Bay Classic, click here.

Racing and Meeting Locations

  • Races, including the Saginaw Bay Classic, are held at the Saginaw Field & Stream Club in Saginaw, MI.
  • For a complete club racing schedule and the schedule for major races around-the-region, click here.
  • Meetings are held every third Thursday of each month, January through November, at the Zauel Library in Saginaw, MI, at 7:30 p.m.
  • For further information on the meeting and racing locations, click here.

Membership Application, Questions, etc...

  • To download a membership application in PDF format, click here.
  • For questions about the club, membership information, or anything else, feel free to send an e-mail to any one of the following club officers.

SBRCBC Board Members

Charles Dukes
Mike Podojak
Vice Commodore
Roger Schneider
Dean Notter
Ralph Barthel
Trailer Commodore
Jim Jordan